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GTM – disaster checks, JIT feedback, mission control, prep for buyer meetings

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Real time feedback to your specific expectations. See if the right people are having the experience you imagined.


Quick immersion for evolution, next ideas by deep user connection
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Deep understanding of consumers, inspiring new ideas for products, brands, experiences

No ideas? Too many?

Not sure where to start?



We’ve been doing this for a long time and can guide you through the messy job of making

Finalize details to
prepare for launch

(pricing, name, features, messaging, 
experience, app/ web design, etc.)
Prioritize and iterate  ideas into distinct concepts with value props to share with target audience
how we've

Ideation based on:

  • Creative Journey + Gathering

  • Brand values or stretch

  • Landscape + Competitive Analysis

  • Need Inventory + Prioritization (JTBD)

  • Portfolio Planning

  • Segmentation + Archetype

things we've done
Uncovering Home Internet Pain Points Using Mixed Methodology

F'inn uncovered sentiment and pain points around home internet experiences and providers using qualitative methods to help a global tech company determine a messaging direction for their own home internet offering. An online video diary including activities and projective exercises showed how consumers from various demographics and providers think and feel about their internet service providers.

UX Testing Among Hard-to-Reach Populations

With a client in the energy sector, F'inn helped uncover and prioritize the needs of people without homes and UX tested an app meant to help them find food, shelter, mental health resources, and other essentials. Significant difficulties in sampling people without homes were overcome through innovative partnerships.

how we've
  • Define Targets

  • Define + Write Concepts

  • Define + Write Value Proposition Options

  • Ideate Features, Names, Messaging, Packaging

  • Prioritize Ideas + Concepts

  • Validate & Size Product Options

things we've done
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Developing a Cost-Efficient Way to Test New Ideas

With our client, a large online retailer, F'inn developed a program to test new ideas through a sequential monadic design that offers cost efficiency. Consumer perceptions are measured and compared to our norms database to analyze future success and determine how best to position the concepts in the market. Over 300 concepts have been tested through this program, with many of them successfully launching in the market. 

Electric Car Charger
Optimizing Messaging for Sustainable Products

F'inn tested five sustainable device accessories were tested against a non-sustainable alternative to determine the impact of sustainable messaging on consumer demand. The sustainable concepts were also compared to determine which type of sustainable messaging and concept design resonates most with consumers. 

how we've

Finalize Details

  • Features

  • Message + Hierarchy

  • Names

  • Packaging

  • Pricing

  • Retail Display

things we've done
Positioning New Ideas and Products to Consumers with a Quick and Cost-Efficient Concept Testing Program

A platform for new ideas, our offer and concept tests are the foundation for product development for our client, a global tech company. From loyalty programs to device upgrade programs, the birthplace of every successful idea in market begins with our concept tests, which gauges consumer interest on a number of key metrics, informing our client on the likelihood of the idea's success in market and guiding our client on how to best position the product/idea among their target audiences. 

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Helping Clients to Stay on the Cutting Edge of Innovation and Shape Their Brand Identity

With our client, a global tech company, F'inn conducts an annual study that identifies and monitors consumers' pain points with consumer electronics companies. Our perceptions study is seen as a pivotal tool used to help our client make strategic decisions that shape brand identity and that help ensure our client is on the cutting edge of innovation. The results are used as a guide to develop solutions to pain points that improve brand perception and ultimately promote acquisition. 

how we've
  • Ad Effectiveness

  • Campaign Launch/ Refinements

  • Disaster Check

  • Pitch Prep (buyer meetings)

  • Social Media Splash

  • Track Activation/Churn

  • User/Trier Profiles & Journey

things we've done
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Getting Ads in Front of a Hard-to-Reach Population

F'inn helped an important health nonprofit launch an advertising campaign targeting a very specific and difficult to find patient group. By refining the message and finding marketing channels where this patient group is more active, we helped the non-profit increase their opportunity to save lives. 

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Increasing a Newly Launched Grocery Store's Sales

F'inn worked with a large grocery chain to optimize the launch of a series of new stores across the country. We interviewed customers who had shopped at these stores to assess why sales were not meeting expectations and helped uncover specific pain points with clear recommendations to increase store performance. Future store launches adopted our recommendations to avoid common pitfalls unique to the brand.

how we've
  • Competitive Analyses

  • Consideration of New Technology; New (to you) Categories

  • Deep immersion with customers

  • Drivers/ Barriers of Trial, Satisfaction, Loyalty

  • Map the Journey – usage, shopping, brand

  • User Profiles

things we've done
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Optimizing Book Descriptions to Drive Engagement

Partnering with a large online retailer, F'inn worked to standardize descriptions of products in a broad, mature, category. Using quantitative and qualitative methodology, we identified optimal length, placement of text, and specific content elements that drive engagement.

Finding the Barriers to Entry - Smart Speakers 

Working against a plateau of adoption, F'inn assessed the smart speaker and smart display landscape to determine the most common barriers to entry. A MaxDiff feature prioritization analysis was performed to identify the top features and use cases to help our client  find new consumers to target.

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