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Dana Smiles

Innovation Director

For more than 10 years, Dana has forged deep connections with hundreds of people around the world using qualitative and mixed methods research, training and facilitation. Dana takes what she learns in the field to guide organizations through strategic planning, capacity building, program design and evaluation. At F’inn, she helps clients find the best application of immersive research techniques to better understand target populations. Her work is used to inspire new ideas, understand needs, hopes and fears and uncover the natural language used by target populations to refine brand communication.


In the pursuit of innovation, F’inn offers a comprehensive array of research methods. Dana leads our qualitative practice. She keeps us on the cutting edge of new techniques and teaches the F’inn team to apply the right tools to the right problem. In addition to conducting fascinating interviews, she also teaches the team to organize, analyze and integrate findings into other sources of insights.


Do you know where Burkina Faso is?* Dana has worked there, in addition to Haiti, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Ethiopia, New York City and New Orleans. She is driven to uplift the voices of historically silenced populations to not only integrate but prioritize community-led solutions.

She has helped organizations across industries discover innovative ideas to fix complex problems around healthcare delivery and access, education, and crisis response for behavioral health emergencies. She is a dynamic thought leader and a trusted advisor to organizations around the world. *Burkina Faso is a small landlocked country in West Africa.

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