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Liz Idzikowski
Liz Idzikowski

Liz Idzikowski

Innovation Analyst

Liz is learning fast by supporting a range of clients, sectors and analyses. She is curious and enjoys exploring new ideas every day. Liz is quick and an experienced project manager. She keeps very fast-paced initiatives on schedule and budget. Additionally, Liz has experience sharing research results with audiences who have limited experience with data, statistics and analysis, a talent she brings to F’inn.


While serving in the public sector, Liz helped create the Data Strategy Steering Committee for the state of Wisconsin. She helped the Department of Health make better decisions based on quantitative insights. Learning data informatics helped Liz communicate the story to teams that were new to data analysis. Liz joined F’inn after earning her MBA at Central Michigan University with a focus on Business Analytics.

What is it like to work at F'inn?

My time at F’inn has been nothing short of a master class in not only innovation research but in what it means to have all of the support, tools, and encouragement a heart could desire for both professional and personal development. We are a curious, dedicated, and shamelessly nerdy group who never grew out of questioning everything.

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