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Maria Jacome Espinoza

Innovation Analyst

Maria grew up in Ecuador, went to school in Utah and eventually settled in Florida. The diversity of her experience contributes to an agile and distinct way of thinking. Maria is a passionate about research and its power to unveil data-driven solutions to her team and clients.


Maria recently completed her MBA with an emphasis in economics and business analytics. Maria worked in the Ecuadorian government and used data to drive tangible changes. For example, she studied the impact of national irrigation systems on the rights of indigenous farming communities. She led revisions of key industries, like food processors, at an international level. She helped the Ministry of Defense with institutional planning and investing. Maria also volunteered with the UN, providing valuable translation services. She is fluent in German, English, Spanish et elle parle un peu français.

What is it like to work at F'inn?

Working at F'inn is rewarding, humbling, and demanding. Every person on the team focuses on excellence in processes and deliverables while being humane and prioritizing everyone's wellbeing, physically and mentally.

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