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Molly Buckleitner
Molly Buckleitner

Molly Buckleitner

Innovation Analyst

Molly has been animated by research and insights from the very beginning of her career. In her first internship, Molly analyzed existing customer data and made recommendations that increased membership by 25%, in 12 weeks. She is an award-winning analyst, recognized for leading large, complex studies on time and budget. Molly has an unusual combination of attention to details with a big picture perspective. She’ll tell you that she loves helping brands make effective and strategic decisions.


Molly is a teacher and mentor, helping students grasp marketing data analysis. She comes to us from the agency side, where she worked with large, global corporations. At F’inn, she can design customized solutions for (large, global) clients. Now her work integrates her rigorous statistical background, her instinct to teach and her mastery of data visualization.

What is it like to work at F'inn?

Working at F'inn is a dream- it's an incredibly collaborative environment where we are given the support and flexibility needed to deliver world-class innovation research to our clients. I’m grateful to be learning from champions of the industry and am able to grow personally and professionally every single day.

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