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AI tools

First We Got Curious

Inspired by curiosity, F’inn has been creating AI tools that enhance our insights. Following rigorous testing with human data as the standard, we have validated our AI approaches so you can have full confidence in its outcomes.

Then We Got Passionate

As researchers, there is no one better to grasp the specific needs of our community. We have thoughtfully designed solutions that directly complement our strategic insights work, focusing on minimizing the logistic tradeoffs of space and time that come with traditional methodologies. Out of reach scopes like endless conversations with your target personas, 2-hour surveys and niche audiences that are unavailable at scale are now attainable. The tools are safe, secure and confidential. Everything is customized just for you, shared with no one and never used to train our models.

F’inn is a strategic insights agency

With an innovation mindset, we unlock meaningful insights at the convergence of human motivations and emerging technologies. We go beyond the obvious to uncover opportunities and inspire breakthroughs.

We are

The work we do flows across nearly every imaginable strategic and tactical question, business category and research methodology. Our work is always future focused, human centered, collaborative and resourceful.


F'inn works with the world's most innovative brands. Here is a selection of these collaborations.


“This work is incredible! There is a lot of valuable data in there. Pure gold! I am excited to see the plans for how we can start to leverage these findings.”

“You’re the F’cking best!!!”

"The teams are STOKED with the research, and we’ve been having rolling share-outs of the results."

“F'inn is fun to work with, quick to execute, and bring a curiosity to projects that is a value-add I didn't even know I needed. Their wide range of experiences gives them a unique perspective that ultimately results in a stronger research program. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to conduct research they can really put to use."

“I really enjoyed working with your guys! In fact, as I think over the years, you and your team are probably the fastest, most adaptable and astute research agency I’ve ever worked with (and most fun!)"

“This is one of the best work products I have seen in quite some time. Absolutely love the insights and correlation to locations with our systems is better than we could have hoped for.”


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No more tradeoffs

Al tools that only researchers could imagine We're building something really cool. Embracing Al and creating tools for researchers, by researchers. Eliminating the barriers that keep us all from fully indulging our curiosity.

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