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Sustainability: Doing the Right Thing Isn't Enough


Human population growth and the pollution that comes with it are stressing ecosystems around the globe.

Air pollution is leading to climate change

Farming practices and deforestation compound the problem. Single use plastics flow into our waterways and oceans, breaking down into microplastics that are ingested in the smallest organisms in the food chain, and work their way all the way up to our diets.

Government policy, corporate practices, and personal choices all play a role in addressing the problem. For companies, if doing the right thing was enough motivation to address our monumental environmental challenges, we would be well on the path to solving the crisis by now, but we're not. Doing the right thing is not enough. Companies need more of an incentive to take bold action.

People want brands to do more

F'inn first studied sustainability in 2019. The research revealed that there is a business case or pursuing sustainability.  Americans want companies to do more to offer environmentally-friendly products. They pay attention to companies that prioritize sustainability and many actively direct their spending away from companies that they feel are wasteful or harmful to the environment.


In late 2022, we conducted a second wave of sustainability research, and found:

  • The leading environmental segment, Eco-Champions, grew from 15% (2019) to 24% of the US population. 56% growth in 3 years.

  • Firsthand experience with extreme weather is the leading reason more Americans are paying attention to climate change.  

  • More people are directing their spending away from harmful/wasteful companies.  

  • Greenwashing isn't something businesses should fear. If a business is legitimately making efforts to save energy or reduce waste, it should share that information with the public.

The F'inn Sustainability report contains:

  • Profiles of 6 sustainability segments and guidelines for using the same typing tool in your research

  • Sustainability scores for 60 brands, and a survey question you can use to track your brand and competition

  • Themes and patterns from 50+ sustainability concepts tested

Image showing polution

charts showing people worried about climate change

Learning More

If you are interested in learning more, we are sharing every bit of our groundbreaking sustainability research; a 48 page document that goes into detail about each of the points above.

Anyone with a name, an email, and a pulse is eligible to download this document. We are sharing this research with all of our clients, companies that are interested in working with us, companies that have no intention of ever working with us, academics, our local, state, and federal governments, and even our direct competitors.

We encourage you to download this F'inn sustainability research presentation. Our team has spent years studying this information and has much more information to share. If you'd like to set up a meeting to discuss our findings, or would like us to help you with your innovation, please provide contact details to download a copy of the report.

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