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Brian Baecker

Vice President

Never deterred by even the most complex, global challenges, Brian religiously thinks big picture, setting up consulting engagements with clients to not only deliver core business questions, but taking them a step further to how insights can empower their broader business. Brian taps a diverse client background and advanced knowledge of research methodologies and modeling to address an array of cases, including category exploration and total addressable market, bringing new products to market, optimize existing offers and new line additions, size and differentiate consumer segments and understand consumer shopping journeys.


Brian thrives on transparent partnerships. After years of having to prioritize sales, now he can focus on true collaboration and co-creation to make a tangible impact. He doesn’t believe in “zero sum” relationships but has a “rising tides raise all boats” ethos. He invests in people and is proudest when his teams, including his clients, shine.


After graduating from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in marketing, Brian has spent 13+ years on the agency side, empowering clients with data to answer complex questions from an array of sectors including tech, financial services, crypto, med tech, durables, and CPG. Brian previously managed a 20+ person team to double digit growth for three consecutive years before rejoining former colleagues at F’inn.

What is it like to work at F’inn? F’inn is like a nimble speedboat, we have such a diverse crew of experts who understand the value they bring to any engagement. We don’t take anyone along for the journey who doesn't bring significant value. Everyone knows their role and executes it with confidence. F’inn’s commitment to transparency empowers clients. With our approach, clients always know what to expect.

Speed gets us places much faster than those “big ships”. We are agile enough to turn on a dime when faced with obstacles and no question is too simple or too complex. We take on small journeys as well as big ones; we also break long journeys into incremental stages so we can learn, collectively, before moving forward.

I am grateful to be part of a team with brilliant people, all pulling together to achieve new heights. We are proud of the important work we do every day on behalf of our clients.

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