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Eddie San Juan

Innovation Specialist

At F’inn, Eddie works with some of our biggest clients. In this role, he coordinates projects, analyzes findings and develops a story around quantitative results. His background is in psychology and sociology, giving him a unique perspective when profiling various key audiences. With educational and professional experience in social science research, Eddie is always finding ways to dig deep into the data he works with and grow his skillset of innovation research methodologies.


Even before coming to F’inn, Eddie had a passion for innovation. He has interviewed startup CEOs and inventors, published stories on emerging technologies, researched patents and helped pre-seed startups with brand development and naming.

Additionally, Eddie's most recent position was as a research assistant for the University of Arizona's Eller College of Management where he worked with large datasets to determine how market forces lead to inequality for certain demographic groups. He brings with him a unique analytical perspective and a spirit of collaboration. Also, as a meditation practitioner, Eddie keeps a clear head with the very fast pace at F’inn.

What is it like to work at F'inn?

Working at F’inn has been a true pleasure. Since starting, I have been exposed to an amazing group of hardworking, smart, and thoughtful team members. Everyone at F’inn is sincere in pursuit of excellence and meaningful discovery. The skills I have gained here will follow me throughout my career and my perspective of innovation research is continuously challenged, for the better.

Apart from being engaged in stimulating work, I am encouraged to pursue my professional and personal interests. The culture at F’inn feels holistic. I am recognized as an individual and not solely as an employee.This is true whether I am learning new methods, exploring new business sectors or sharing stories about my latest outdoor adventures.

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