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Lisa Maruri

Vice President

Lisa is an outstanding collaborator. Clients love working with her because she actively listens and has a knack for simplifying complex ideas. She is a data storyteller. Through story, Lisa is able to strip away the noise and focus on the strategic decisions her clients need to make. Driven by the desire to make clients shine, Lisa works shoulder-to-shoulder with them until they can confidently share the story with their own leadership.


Lisa helps lead one of our most innovative, fast-paced clients. She is extraordinarily organized and anticipates, and plans for, what comes next. No matter how demanding, she keeps everything on track. At once, she can see the broader strategic objectives and the tactical details needed for implementation.

Even in this demanding role, Lisa makes time to mentor team members many of whom are starting their careers at F’inn.


Over the past 15 years, Lisa has done it all, from basic concept review to global category optimization in emerging sectors. It’s this experience that keeps Lisa razor sharp. After receiving her MBA from UC Davis, Lisa has spent her career on the agency side. She has worked in healthcare, financial services, technology, retail and many other sectors.

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