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Lisa Phelan


As a founding partner of F'inn, Lisa brings her creative yet logical style to help clients define and achieve their goals.


Lisa has split her 30 year career between client and agency side. On the client side, she held senior leadership roles in Marketing, Strategy, Research, and headed up a $300M Consumer Tech division @ Philips. On the agency side, she has put this experience to work, guiding clients through complex acquisitions, new category immersion and their users' journeys.

What is it like to work at F’inn?

I’ve personally always dreamed about being an entrepreneur and building a business from scratch. In 2015, Tammi, Stephen, Greg and I started talking about what ‘it’ could be and F’inn was born. I will be forever grateful that we all collectively to the leap to create F’inn; and for each person who has been part of F’inn’s formation and growth - the team continually surprises me with their resourcefulness and brilliance.

At every step of the way, we, as a full team, have collectively and intentionally thought about who we are and what we do…

• Who are we? A team of curious, passionate, knowledge seekers; hands-on and focused; empathetic and insightful. 

• What do we do? We work side-by-side with our clients to bring a people’s perspective to their innovation and business questions.

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