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Marisa Olguin

Vice President

Over more than 6 years at F’inn, Marisa has imagined and developed many of the programs and processes we use at F’inn today. These efficiencies help our business run faster, leaner, and with quantifiably fewer mistakes. We call her our “research engine”, building systems, databases, and tools that ensure we create the best possible timeline for our clients - all while managing projects and client relationships herself.


As the primary systems architect at F’inn, Marisa has a direct hand in teaching all of our new hires the unique ways in which we conduct innovation research. Moreover, she is responsible for working 1 on 1 with new members of our analyst class and their managers to ensure they’re receiving the development opportunities and training they need to grow as consultants. In her past roles, Marisa has personally trained more than 60 new analysts, managers, and partners.


With more than 20 years in consumer insights on the agency side, Marisa adds value to every project she touches. Her experience in the industry includes decades of experience running complex multinational projects with massive scope and influence; much of that time was also spent leading teams and running accounts. This balance of skill in project management and mentorship is invaluable to a wide range of clients at F'inn.

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