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Stacey Webb

Innovation Specialist

As a talented writer and experienced analyst, Stacey brings clarity to the complex questions that our clients ask. She moves seamlessly between details required to manage projects and strategic thinking needed to interpret the findings, all with a razor-sharp attention to detail. Stacey has been instrumental in the development and testing of F'inn AI products.


Managing one of our largest monthly recurring research programs, Stacey acts as a point of continuity for our clients. She also manages a database that stores incidence levels across numerous different audiences to provide ease in locating even the most unique audiences of interest for our clients.


Stacey is an award winning marketing scientist. She joined F’inn after earning an MS in Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin, where she used cutting-edge applied analytics to gain a wide variety of skills necessary to transform data, gather insights, and develop meaningful business solutions. These skills were put to the test as she worked alongside CMOs and top professionals in the industry to conduct real-world strategic analysis and develop business strategies.

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