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Stephen Bohnet


As a founding partner at F'inn, Stephen brings an understanding of the most complex business problems across both existing and emerging industries.


He leads a large team that focuses on one of the world's most innovative brands. He has built a systematic process that allows F'inn to move fast with outstanding quality. He is curious and listens carefully to make sure expectations are consistently exceeded.


Stephen has been doing innovation insights work for 25+ years. He has worked on the client and agency sides and has great empathy for the constant pressure our clients face. He can build and lead successful teams that expand business.

He spent years in Europe, building permanent teams in London and Paris and managing clients across ten different countries. After returning to the US, he became the head of a $12M business focusing on technology and sophisticated forecasting models.

Dream Project

Sustainability is a passion of mine. One day, people are going to look back and wonder why we didn’t do more to reduce our impact on the environment. We know about the damage we’re doing to the Earth and we have the capability to reduce waste and energy use in almost every aspect of our businesses. We’ve proven through our own research at F’inn that there is opportunity to differentiate and win business by focusing on sustainability.

I’ve worked on thousands of new ideas over the course of my career, but very few have been for sustainable innovation. That’s changing, but not fast enough. I want to see businesses rise to this occasion, and by continuing to study sustainability and share our findings with all who will listen, we are pushing industry to do just that. My dream isn’t for one project about sustainable innovation, but to see businesses make this a focal point, so that every day we are working toward preserving our world for our kids and future generations.

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